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  • Stop seeking thoughts permission

    Do you believe in telepathy? If not, then why you can't allow yourself to think whatever you want as if being watched or your thoughts could be transparent?

  • Biofeed back meditation1 - weight

    I have discovered the days when I weigh myself every day, my weight stay the same as the one of my thought...

  • Body Elevating 1

    Some monks can elevate their bodies in the middle of the air for hours, not everyone can have that kind of meditation experience, but we can always try to relax ourselves doing a similar meditation even if we can't really elevate our bodies in the air.

  • Rejuvenation meditation 1

    Mind can have an impact on the body

  • Hugging Healing

    Hugging other people can heal them, do you have enough hugs for your survival?

  • End of Year Anxiety 1

    Sometimes the collective anxiety to change make human beings behave in such a way that would block the change from happening ...